How to read deleted WhatsApp text message

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Weeks back, WhatsApp introduced an advanced feature of deleting sent messages using two different options.
  • Delete for me
  • Delete for everyone
When the first option is used, the selected message will be deleted from our chat window but remains in the recipient's window. While by using the second option, the message will be deleted from both the sender's and receiver's device. (deletion must be done within 7 minutes after message is sent)

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There's an easy trick we can use to read the deleted messages.
Simply by installing the app named 'PastNotifications' given at the end of this article.

Basically, this app will be logging all the notifications that we receive on our android device.
Once the app is installed with proper permissions, it starts to retain possession of every notification that we receive.

Thus, if one sends you a 'HI' and later deleted the message, it will appear in your chat window as 'THIS MESSAGE WAS DELETED', but the Past Notification App keep hold of 'Hi', the message sent by the sender before deleting and 'THIS MESSAGE WAS DELETED', the current alert from the chat.

Hence, The delete message feature is no longer safe! Using this app or such similar notification history logging apps, one can easily find out what the deleted message was.


Have a look at the below video. It's in Malayalam language, but you'll certainly understand how to perform this task!

Hope you find this article helpful. Feel free to share this with your friends and family. Do let them know that it is possible to find out the deleted messages! Have a great day.

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