Repair Invalid IMEI - Micromax Unite 2

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One week after i brought my phone, I accidently formatted my device using sp flash tools and lost the IMEI/NVRAM. It has been a real pain for me to repair it because i was new to an mtk device. Finally figured out how to repair by doing many search. So I made this thread to share the working methods to help those people who are suffering from invalid IMEI :D

So let's start.

Always remember "Prevention is better than cure". If you are planning to flash a custom rom, First of all Backup your IMEI. Don't Trust that a custom ROM flash will not delete your IMEI number. because odds are it will. It's important to store your backup to external SD Card because while flashing some ROMs, it may also erase your internal memory.

So the best way to keep your IMEI number is to take my advise and make a backup.
DISCLAIMER: This guide is for educational purpose only. Changing IMEI number is illegal. Please don't misuse the guide.

IMEI Backup & Restore Methods


1. Mobile Uncle Tools:

  1. Download Mobile Uncle ToolsUncle Tools

  2. Open the App



  5. Reboot

> (to restore, choose restore from sd card)


2. MTK Droid Tools [PC Required]:

  1. Switch on the phone and connect it to pc.

  2. Go to settings->about phone.

  3. Tap build number for 7 times.

  4. Go back and enter developers options, and check usb debugging on.

  5. Download MTK Droid Tools

  6. Start MTK Driod Tools and click root.

  7. Grant root permission in phone.

  8. Click IMEI/NVRAM and click backup or restore as required.

> (to restore, choose the backup file from nvram backup folder)

Temporary IMEI Restore (without Backup)

(These are Temporary Methods, so you need to do this every time you upgrade Firmware, install a new rom, or doing a factory reset.)


1. Chamelephon

  1. Download and install Chamelephon.apk

  2. Open App

  3. Type both IMEI Numbers

  4. Click "Apply new IMEIs"

  5. Reboot

Video guide:


2. MTK Droid Tools [PC, ADB Drivers Required]

  1. Enable USB debugging

  2. Open MTK Droid Tools in PC

  3. Allow USB debugging in phone if asked

  4. Click ROOT button in MTK droid tools

  5. Click Yes and Grant/Authorize root permission in phone

  6. Click IMEI/NVRAM option in MTK droid tools

  7. Type both IMEI numbers

  8. Select "Replace IMEI"

  9. Click OK

  10. Reboot!

Video guide:


3. NVRAM Wifi Error Fixing

1. Download "NVRAM Wifi"
2. Enter Recovery
3. Install the zip
4. Reboot


4. Flashing NVRAM.bin

(Recommended for Lolipop Roms )

  1. Install SP flash tool

  2. Download NVRAM.bin

  3. Download Scatter file and load it

  4. Now press download

  5. Connect your phone without battery

  6. Insert battery & turn on your device when you see the green tick.

Permanent IMEI Restore [without Backup]


1. Maui META 3G Tool

(confirmed working on kitkat stock rom)

  1. Download Maui META 3G Tool

  2. Install "Maui META 3G Tool" on your PC

  3. Click "Options ? Connect Smart phone into META mode"

  4. Click on Reconnect button

  5. Switch off your phone

  6. Connect via USB Cable

  7. Change "Get Version" to "IMEI Download"

  8. Click "Change NVRAM Database file"

  9. Download & extract "NV Ram Database Files.rar"

  10. Select "BPLGUInfoCustomAppSrcP_MT6582_S00_MOLY_WR8_W1315_MD_WG_MP_V5_1_wg_n"

  11. Type both IMEI numbers

  12. Click "Download to flash"

  13. Click "Upload from flash"

  14. Close the IMEI Download Tab

  15. Disconnect

  16. Switch on the phone.

Didn't got detected? Do a factory reset and then try again.

Not fixed yet?? Make sure that you installed drivers properly. (Watch the below added video. )


2. IMEI & SN Writer

(Confirmed working on lolipop stock rom)

1. First of all download sn write station tool v1.5.3--20121018.
2. Now extract your stock rom.
3. Now run sn write station tool and select smartphone from platform drop-down option.
4.Select usb instead uart mode.
5. Now tick on sn and wifi only under write item section.
6. Now write your serial number of your device in sn textbox.
7. In wifi textbox write your wifi mac address without colon. after correct wifi address written a green tick will appear.
( To know your correct wifi address go to setting>wifi> option advance>MAC address>
here you will see your correct address write down on sn tool without colon.)
8. Now select db file from extracted rom. name of file is APDB_MT6582_S01_L0.MP2_W15.09
9. Now click on start.
10. Now tick usb debugging in device and switch off your device and connect to computer with battery.
11. in sn write tool it will show successful
12. Sometimes sn write tool switch on your mobile in meta mode but don't write sn and wifi address. Just unplug your device and reconnect it with same condition in which you plup out your device..
if it is in on (boot logo) situation then connect it as it is. otherwise connect it again in switch off mode again.
13. Sn write tool do its work. after successful unplug your device and restart your phone.

I really worked hard to make this thread. Share this if you found it useful :D

You can add your experience in fixing imei below in the comment section. It may help some others! Always remember, Sharing is caring! Thank You.
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  1. hi... thank u....
    i have flashed nvram in a106, lollipop, v10 ,8gb, its successfully worked but
    the problem is when ihave checked imei its showing different one ..........
    how to solve this problem......

    1. You should use other methods to write your own imei. That nvram file is backed up from other device. So it will show the number of that device.

  2. Thanks to your tutorial. I was able to write my IMEI and now I can flash roms with ease. But, please also upload the CDC Drivers here cuz it was a pain in my ass to google and find the right ones for my old pc running on XP. But that sure is my job to do some research. BTW, I like the video and the way you keep it clean. A BIG THANKS TO YOU.

  3. adding to my earlier comment the "NV Ram Database Files.rar" has Indonesian Database file which is not valid I suppose. So I searched for the file"BPLGUInfoCustomAppSrcP_MT6582_S00_MOLY_WR8_W1315_MD_WG_MP_V5_1_wg_n" gladly which was mentioned here. So please update that file too.

    Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for those lovely comments? Can you please provide those files to me?

    2. Google isn't allowing to attach the files due to security reasons. I don't use any other email clients.

  4. awesome blog :) everything clearly mentioned.


    1. Site is under maintenance. It will take time to update everything. Kindly forgive the inconvenience. I didn't forgot. I didn't write the post yet.

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  8. Thank you bro, Flashing NVRAM.bin worked for me, i went to local mobile shop they said its a matter of SIM slot problem, I then googled and found your blog and finally trying all the procedure, Flashing NVRAM.bin worked, Lots of thanks and love from NEPAL.

  9. I try all method for unite 2 Kitkat only not working plz help
    muaivmeta method is not working . When i connect phonre in switch off mode then yrllow light not come and popup come like bootrom loader etc plz help

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