All in one Sound Mod [ZIP] for Android [LP/MM]

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All in one sound mod is a mixture of three different audio effects. It has been made into a single flashable zip by XDA Senior member theroyalseeker. You can switch to different audio mods and select your favourite accordingly. Flashing this will give you a better sound experience in your android device. It is only Compatible with Lollipop & Marshmallow roms.

This is confirmed working on Micromax Unite 2 running Android Lollipop. All added mods are international. So, it may work on other devices too. Flash at your own risk.


This sound mod includes Viper4Android, Dolby Atmos and Sony Walkman. The offical development links to all mods are provided along with it. Head over to those threads to read the informations, requirements F.A.Q, etc. Use only one mod at a time. Otherwise, it may freak out your device.

Viper4Android Features - XDA Official Development Thread

  • AnalogX
  • ViPER-DDC (Now Cuztomizable!)
  • Spectrum Extension
  • x86 Platform Support
  • USB/Dock effect Support
  • Speaker Optimization
  • Channel Pan
  • Differential Surround / Haas Effect
  • ViPER Fidelity Control
  • ViPER Bass
  • ViPER Clarity
  • Headphone Surround+ (VHS+)
  • Auditory System Protection (Cure Tech+)
  • Convolver 
  • FX Compatible Mode

Dolby Atmos Features - XDA Official Development Thread

  • Surround Virtualizer (creates a surround sound experience through headphones or built-in speakers).
  • Dialogue Enhancer (ensures that every word is heard.)
  • Volume Leveler (maintains constant volume across all content and applications.)
  • Intelligent Equalizer (dynamically adjusts the audio to achieve the tone you want.)

Walkman Features - XDA Official Development Thread

  • Latest WALKMAN build 8.5.A.3.2
  • New and fresh UI
  • Clear audio setting | SoundEnhancement
  • Clear audio+
  • Equalizer preset (such as Rock, Easy Listening, Jazz, etc)
  • Manual mode of preset (Custom and User-defined)
  • Clear bass
  • Clear stereo
  • S-force Front Surround
  • Surround Sound VPT (Soundstage option)
  • Dynamic normalizer
  • Visualizer
  • Album art
  • Adjust background color following album art
  • Music control on notification
  • Edit Music Info
  • Download Music Info (work on v3.5+)
  • SensMe
  • Throw function (on v3.5+)
  • DLNA/Media server (on v3.5+)
  • Qualcomm bass boost (only work for device with snapdragon chipset)
  • xLoud (Actived by default) can't settings
  • Additional the libs, and files make a more awesome sound output

SONY WALKMAN: Clear phase setting, xLoud setting, DSEE HX


#Coming Soon


Download the mod zip
Reboot into recovery
Install zip
Wipe cache
Wipe Dalvic Cache



theroyalseeker for making the single zip
Zhuhang for making Viper4Android FX
Worstenbrood for porting Dolby Atmos
ibanez7 for Porting Sony Walkman

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