Temasek CM12.1 Version-2 [5.1.1] - Micromax Unite 2

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Based on latest Temasek CM 12.1 BUILD V2
Fully featured
Performance challenge (Bestttt) 
Ram management both ss provided... Without any app installed and with heavy apps installed
Battery is beast wink emoticon
Features :- 
Sd card default with shared storage smile emoticon
- OnTheGo Mode
- TRDS (Dark theme inbuilt)
- OTA's (not for mt6582, certainly - it's Unofficial port)
- Unified F2FS & ext4
- Lockscreen Gestures
- OmniSwitch
- AppBar
- App Circle bar
- Gestures Anywhere
- Heads Up Notifications
- Network traffic meter
- DPI Settings
- Based on latest Sources
- Super smooth
- More stable and smoother than CM 12.1 Bugless V3
- App2SD is working perfectly
- Run HD games without crashes
- Video Recording working in stock camera (Default CM camera)
- USSD working
- GPS working
- Stability improvements
- Super fast boot up
- Super fast App optimization
- Themes working
- SMS working
- No longer need to reboot for apps to appear in App Drawer
- No network drops



1. Enter recovery
    (CTR v3 recommended >> Click here! )

2. Take a nandroid backup
    (if something goes wrong, you can simply revert back.)

3. Do a full wipe – (Wipe data | Wipe Cache | Wipe Dalvic Ccahe)

4. Flash 'ROM zip'

5. Flash 'GAPPS Package'

6. Reboot.


CM 12.1 Temasek Build
GAPPS Package (Choose ARM > 5.1 > Nano)
Performance zip for CM Roms

Click here to install Xposed Framework

Note :-
1)For video recording , please switch to 720p in settings
2) Please use this lates xposed zip to avoid any bootloops


Porting Credits:


Special Thanks:


Team Roger That (Build by them)

Mannan Valecha

Vijay jaiswal bro

Ranjan bro

Ayush rathore bro

Shiva sai bro 

Divyansh aggarwal

Vivek chib
What do you think about this rom?
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  1. Ui is almost similar to Resurrection Remix
    So plzz give reason to why flash this ROM and also tell difference between Temasek CM12.1 and Resurrection Remix because in first look Temasek CM12.1 looks like copy of Resurrection Remix

    1. Both of them are Cyanogen based roms. I'm still on RR build. I think Temasek had got better features such as battery life, etc. TRY AND REPORT IF YOU are interested. It may help others.

  2. ppllzz tell me how to install xposed in this rom

  3. Plz tell me how to install xposed installer in this from and reservation remix from because when I am install closed arm any zip while my device was bricked and this rom r not useful because xposed not working

    So plz give me solution of xposed

  4. if possible than plz write step wise installation guide because im getting problem gapps not working please

  5. Bro is xposed working in this rom?

  6. Mobile reboots continuously after installing nano gapps ..!
    pls help..!

  7. is xposed necessary to be installed to avoid problem of rebooting ???

  8. The rom is same as RR.
    The settings bug from RR has been fixed in this rom.
    You could install xposed sdk 22 v80 but that is not working.
    More stable than RR.

  9. unable to use mobile data. Plz help

  10. Hi please upload asus zenfone a450cg marshmallows update its available in us not in india so please upload or some costom roms.

  11. Hi please upload asus zenfone a450cg marshmallows update its available in us not in india so please upload or some costom roms.

  12. please how to fix the carte sim

  13. calling without headset not working plz fix it