Bliss Pop v4 (5.1.1) - Micromax Unite 2

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Another masterpiece from our Ranjan Singh.
The Bliss pop v4 is a Cyanogen based Lollipop (5.1.1) ROM ported for our Micromax unite 2. Bliss ROM keeps everything nice and tidy by embedding all of our features within the settings dialog, and not making them all separate apps that clutter your app drawer.


Personalization Options
- CM12 Theme Manager
- Deep Darkness theme

Status Bar
-Clock & Date Options
-Option to show seconds in time
-Battery Options (Portrait, Landscape, Circle, Text or Hidden)
-Battery Bar Options
-Mobile & Wifi Network IconsOptions
-Status Bar Header
-Notification & System Icon Options
-Traffic Monitor
-Brightness Control
-SuperUser Indicator
-Notification Count
-Notification Ticker
-Carrier Label Options
-Breathing Notification

Recents Options
-Clear All Button Tweaks
-Option to show Google search bar in recents Menu
-OmniSwitch (Option to replace recents menu with Omniswitch)

Notification Drawer
-Tile Options
-Quick Setting Options
-Quick & Smart Pulldown
-Brightness Slider Options
-Heads Up Notifications

Lockscreen Options
-Bottom Corner Targets
-Weather Options
-Clock Widget Settings

Power Menu Options
-Power Off
-Screenshot (with delay option)
-Screen Record
-Profile Switcher
-Airplane Mode
-User Switcher
-Device Lockdown
-Sound Panel

-Navigation Bar Toggle
-Power Button End Call Option
-Home Button Options
-Back Button Wake Up Option
-Menu Button Options
-Search Button Options

Navigation Bar
-Back, Home & Recents Editor
-Height, Width & Other Options

Pie Control
-Buttons Options
-Style & Dimension Options
-Trigger Options

Gesture Anywhere
-Location Options
-Trigger Regions

-Toast Animations
-Listview Animations
-System Animations
-Scrolling Cache
-Scrolling Modifiers

App Circle Bar
-Choose what apps you want to show on the App Circle Bar
-Trigger width, position and height

Device Control
-Control Kernel, CPU, GPU & Many Extra Settings

AudioFX Equalizer

Display Options
-Adaptive Brightness
-Ambient Display
-Wake Up on Charge
-Prevent Accidential Wake Up
-Double Tap to Sleep
-Reported Density
-Screen Recorder
-Color Calibration

Sound & Notification Options
-Media, Alarm & Ring Volume Options
-Increasing Ring Volume
-Call Vibration
-Interruption Options
-Notification Light Options
-Battery Light Options
-App Notification Options
-Notification Access
-Camera Shutter sound, Screenshot Sound, Safe Headset Volume
-Less Frequent Notifications
-Heads Up Notification with Snooze Timer & Time Out

Other Stuff Included
-User Profiles
-System Profiles
-Location Options
-Security Options
-Privacy Options
-Accounts & Sync
-Language & Input
-Backup & Reset
-Performance Control
-Developer Options
-Rom & Hardware Information

Many other settings throughout the rom. Take some time to familiarize yourself with all the blissful options!


Play store icon looks messy.



1. Enter recovery
    (CTR v3 recommended >> Click here! )

2. Take a nandroid backup
    (if something goes wrong, you can simply revert back.)

3. Do a full wipe – (Wipe data | Wipe Cache | Wipe Dalvic Cache)

4. Flash 'ROM zip' & 'home key patch zip'

5. Reboot and enjoy!


Download ROM | Mobile Link

Download home key Patch | Mobile Link

Gapps | Mobile Link (ARM > 5.1 > NANO)

Internal as default Storage Patch

Click here to install Xposed Framework


Ranjan Bhai (for porting)
MAD team
(Ranjan,Manan Vallecha,Vikas Yadav,Akshay Mhatre,Divyansh Aggarwal,Pawan Teja,Ansh Singh,Sagar Rokade,Vivek Chib,Tarun Tej)
Fire855 – First bootable Cyanogenmod rom
Yash K Gupta (for icon glitch)
Anikesh Sinha (internal as default patch)
Vijay jaiswal
BlissPop Devs/Team
Rohan taneja
Team Trt

What do you think about this rom?

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  1. Why this home key patch is given and how to patch it?

    1. flash it in recovery along with the rom. Otherwise, Home key won't work.

  2. And Google play store is not installed.. After I install it is not working.. Why?

    1. Flash Google apps. Sorry that I forgot to add the download link! will be updated right now.

  3. will it support indian languages, included punjabi also

    1. Not sure about that, add and replace the font folder from stock rom to the blisspop zip and flash

  4. Otg not working... I am unable to use pen drive, mouse etc. And music player also not working

    ... It force closing itself plz help...

  5. i flashed home key zip file it's work..but i reboot my phone it's automatic don't work and settings also stopped..

    1. After reboot what is happening?? I want to install I want full help from u..any bugs or problem?

  6. Is there any bugs like network problem...and apps r moving to SD card??and is SD card being patched as default storage??