TWRP Version 3 (Recovery) for Kitkat/Lollipop - Micromax Unite 2

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Hey folks, I haven't been active for a few days because my exams were going on. Now, I'm totally free and today I'm sharing stable TWRP v3 recovery for Micromax Unite 2.

TWRP is an open source, community project. It is one of the the leading custom recovery for many android phones. The stable recovery list for Unite 2 had been updated with TWRP. 

Now we can also flash aroma zips in recovery!

Another alternative recovery: CTR v3.0


Install Zip
(from SD Card, Internal Storage, OTG Storage)

Advanced Wipe Menu
(Dalvik, System, Cache, Data, Internal Storage, SD Card, USB Otg)

Advanced (Backup | Restore) Menu

Advanced Mount options

TWRP File Manager

Advanced Reboot option

Completely Material Themed

Other advanced options such as:

Copy logs to sd card,
Fix Permissions
True Terminal Emulator,
ADB Sideload,
Partition SD Card

and a huge laundry list of other minor fixes and tweaks!





Inverted Screen
That doesn't matter! Touch will work fine.
All you have to do is keep your device up side down.


Before you move further, Thank the developers who made all these possible! Without them, TWRP v3 would not be here. Hit thanks button in their XDA post OVER HERE and show some respect :)

If you already have a recovery installed:

  1. Install the recovery flashable zip
  2. Enter boot menu
  3. Choose reboot recovery
  4. you are done!

If you don't have a custom recovery:

Download and put the recovery.img to the root of your sdcard.

Step A: Installing using Terminal Emulator

Open terminal emulator and type the following commands one by one:

dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/recovery

Step B: Installing from PC using ADB:

Connect the phone to PC with USB and turn on USB Debugging.
Then enter the following command via adb:


adb shell
dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/recovery

Step C: Install using Mobile Uncle tools app:

  1. Rename the downloaded recovery file to "recovery.img" 
  2. Now open the Mobile Uncle tool 
  3. select recovery update
  4. choose recovery.img
  5. now it will ask to reboot into recovery mode, select - ok.

That's all, You have successfully installed custom recovery in your Device.


Recovery Img

Recovery Flashable Zip

Mobile Uncle Tools

Terminal Emulator


Dees_Troy (Developer Of TWRP)
EndLess (For Building Recovery And Fixing Invert Touch )
Charansai (For Helping In Porting Of recovery)
Ayush Rathore (For Testing & Porting Recovery)
Pranto (For Material TWRP)
All Testers For Testing


Version 3.0.1-0:

support new CM 13.0 pattern encryption (sultanqasim)
fix slow flashing issue due to modprobe (present on only some devices) (#twrp)
libtar updated to latest upstream and fixes (jcadduono)
fixes for loading custom themes (_that)
TWRP will now detect and install TWRP themes automatically through the normal zip install process (Dees_Troy)
translation updates - added Italian, Czech and Polish and significant updates to Dutch
progress bar improvements - progress bar updates during image flashing and better tracks progress during file system backups (tar) (Dees_Troy)
fix input box text display (Dees_Troy)
reboot option after zip install complete (bigbiff)
other mostly invisible bug fixes and improvements
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  1. I'm using stock lollipop and after changing the recovery as per the process mentioned above, after I boot into recovery mode my phone screen turns black and didn't go to recovery. I've tried many recoveries like ctr v3, twrp from various sources but the problem persists. Only phillz recovery gets installed properly but it is of no use every time I flash a custom rom it says installation aborted and device gets bricked. When I install these recoveries on kitkat it works fine,but i want to use it in lollipop.

    Please assist as soon as possible.
    Waiting for ur reply

    1. Hey Mohit, did you followed the flashtool method to flash philz recovery? If not, follow this guide by Qamrul

    2. Yes I tried that too,only philz recovery is flashed properly but it is of no use while flashing any zip it stuck into bootloop & when flashing a new ROM device gets bricked.
      I want to use TWRP recovery in stock 5.0 as it is a reliable one

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