What have you done this Earth Day ?

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Isn't this an off topic? Nope geeks! Of course not.

I'm talking about the Earth, the planet we all are living in.
Why don't we respect our mother nature?? Just, even in these days which we call ourselves as earth day? What will you do in this wonderful week?
Spare some time to read this post.

See what I had done,
I invited some of my friends to plant a tree. Took some pictures and we all used this below image as our facebook profile picture.

We all tagged 10 different friends of ours.
Now 5x10 = 50 challenge invite.
Thus, the total number of trees will become 55. 

I challenge all of my readers to plant a tree to make our earth, a much better place to live. It's all in our hands. Spread the smile :)

What you can do? 

Upload your picture of planting a tree,
Challenge 10 of your friends by tagging them and also motivate them to do the same.
use hashtags in your pictures.


so that we can see all those who joined us. 

Got some better ideas to do this week? Let me know too! Use the comment section below.

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