How to become a Whatsapp Beta User

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Are you a whatsapp user?

Well Now you can become one whatsapp tester too. WhatsApp has launched an official Android beta testing program few months back.

The benefit of being a beta tester is that:
If WhatsApp is going to provide a new feature, for example, A new feature in which you can send messages to multiple recipients, or groups.
You will be able to enjoy that upcoming feature before the other standard WhatsApp users because you are one of the official beta testers of this app.

The WhatsApp call feature was tested by many beta testers before it became available to the public.

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  1. Uninstall your WhatsApp from your android device
  2. go to this link
  3. In this page, click on "Become a Tester" button
  4. (You will now see a message stating that that “You are now a tester”)
  5. now open play store in your android device
  6. search for WhatsApp
  7. Choose WhatsApp from the list
  8. Install it
  9. as soon as you finish installing it, open the app
  10. Now enter your number and get it verified and you will be able to test the beta version of WhatsApp.

simply update the app as soon as new beta versions get released, you will be able to enjoy new features before that is being served with the standard whatsap users.

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