Using facebook messenger in any Browser

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I use facebook messenger all the time to share links and much other stuff with friends and co-workers. Sometimes, I suffer from having a good internet connection. Thus making the load time worse!

So today I'm here with a tip for all my readers.

Actually, this is not a guide, mod or something.
It’s just a tip for my viewers. I asked most of my friends about this method and all of them were unaware of this. So I thought of making this video!

This helps you to reach your conversations in a better and convenient way; when you no longer need to view the feeds or while having a slow network connection.

Found this method while I was searching a way to add direct messenger chat button in this website

All you have to do is simply open your browser,


Just log in using your username and password.

If you are already logged into your Facebook account, no need to type it again.

You can do everything just like that on your smartphones or tablets.

You can easily send images, manage your groups, manage your send media files, can record new voice, make a voice call, do a video call. Send a lot of smileys, stickers, and boom! It’s even faster with slow connections.

This will be very useful for those who have slow internet connections and use facebook messenger for instant communication.

Hope you guys found this useful. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.
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See you next time! :)

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