Top VR Headsets of all Budget

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Years back, the Virtual reality was an insignificant word for the public. As soon as the arrival of google cardboard, everything became much easy. We can now enjoy Virtual reality with the help of our smartphone and a VR headset.

Some people might be on a tight budget, but want to get most out of their money. Others might want the best ever experience. Which one among these two are you? Anyway, you landed on the right page.

The main problem we face here is choosing the right headset. There is a lot of products to choose from. Online stores are flooded with lot of quality products and worst products too. Here, I can help you overcome the precious time wastage. To make your life easier, You don't have to spend your time by checking the ratings, reading the reviews and so on, I had already done that for you.

I had compiled the best quality VR headsets from all budgets. If you are planning to buy, simply go ahead by choosing any of the products down below.

1. Tantransha VR cardboard kit

Compatible up to 5.5" screen
Good for first time users
Hard paper
Google cardboard with one NFC tag
Best in Low budget
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2. You-VR Box 2.0

Compatible for 4.7" - 6" Phones
Soft padding make it comfortable to wear
Adjustable spherical lens
Hard plastic material
Best in price
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3. Zebronics ZEB-VR Virtual Reality Headset

Better for Gaming purpose
Extra soft contact pad assure hours of gaming comfort
Comfortable and durable
Magnetic trigger available
Good quality Plastic
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4. Coolnut C3DVRG-7 VR Glasses

Comfortable headband
Super face foam protector
Ideal heat dissipating design
Large size of acrylic a spherical lens
Magnetic trigger available
Compatible for 4.0"-6.0" screens
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5. WI Wiggle VR Headset

largest 42mm lenses in the market (better field of view)
Comfortable headband
super face foam protector
ideal heat dissipating design
Ventilation holes for charging and inserting earphone
for 3.5"-6" screens
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6. IRUSU PlayVR Plus

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7. My VR Goggles Infinity

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