Fix IMEI null problem - Moto E

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Hey, guys. I have been facing a problem since yesterday on Moto E. The network went out in all of a sudden and it took some time for me to notice that the IMEI number was gone. It changed to 'null' and the baseband version became unknown.  Unfortunately, I haven't had a backup of my IMEI. I've been searching all over the internet for a proper guide but could find one. So, today I'm sharing the guide on fixing the null IMEI and gain back your devices' IMEI number.


Watch this guide below:


**Downloads are added below this post.

  • Download and install Motorola and ADB drivers.
  • Open the folder where ADB is installed
  • open command window there (you can do this by holding shift button and click right button with your mouse)
  • choose open command window here.
  • Enter your device in fastboot mode (turn off your device, press and hold Power + Vol Down button for a few seconds)
  • as soon as you release the buttons, you will be in fastboot mode. 
  • now type 

fastboot devices

  • fastboot devices' in the command window and hit enter key.
  • It will show whether your device is available or not.
  • Now copy the modem file to the folder in which adb is installed.
  • Then type 

fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin

Now wait for some time, and when you see the finish message, simply reboot your device.

Type *#06# and check whether the imei is fixed or not.


Adb Fastboot drivers:
click here to download

Modem file for Moto E st Gen Dual Sim (XT1022):
Click Here to download

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    1. It's not necessary Subhasis. It just takes a couple of seconds. As soon as the device boots up, you can connect the device to the charger if you are running out of juice.

  2. Thanks Brother.... It saves a lot of hard earned money.... Really appreciate your efforts...Hats off.....

    1. You're welcome Sunny. Your words meant a lot for me. If you like to support my efforts, please help me by subscribing to my channel over here:

  3. Thanks dear friend.... Really happy to perform this myself... Great work. Hats off to u...

  4. where to get non hlos.bin for moto e xt 1022 above link is vedio

    1. Here it is

      its the same link you provided above . it contain a vedio file which is corrupt and also not playing. can you provide a direct link to download non hlos.bin for moto e xt 1022.

    3. There is no video files. Checkout this link

  5. its a video file and not working can u please provide the link for modem

  6. Can I get the link for modem file of moto x 2013 (XT1052) please?

  7. motorola xt907 imi nul sulatioan

  8. For xt1521 Indian device dual sim ,Moto e 2nd gen 4g.....plzz modem file

  9. will mentioned command delete all the data from my mobile?

  10. very help full, i done it