Top 4 Geek tips for your smartphone #1

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We are now starting a new series in our channel named "TOP 4 GEEK TIPS"

In this series, we show you some tips and apps for your smartphone which will make your view on your device much different.

So here are the 4 apps of this week:-

No.1 - Flynx

If you are a internet freak this app is for you. Flynx is a app which helps your browse multiple tabs in your device. You can open multiple tabs at once and guess what they all together can load once.You have to tap on a link and then a little bubble will pop up on the side of your screen with a loading animation. Once the link is done loading, tap the bubble to read the article, then flick the bubble down to close it. Best part is that  you can load multiple pages at once without ever leaving your news feed or social media stream.

No.2 - Smart Unlock

Then you should download this app called Smart Unlock which is a  phone lock application. What it does is it removes your phone's PIN or pass code in certain locations you trust, like home or work. All you have to do is download the app and go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted places and add to trusted places. This app connects to the wifi available in the location, recognises it and unlocks the phone.
And you dont have to unlock your device again and again in your house or office.

No.3 - Zooming in on anything.

Tired of reading tiny text on your device which cannot be zoomed?
Well this tip is for you.You dont need any application for this.
all you have to do is go to Settings > Accessibility > Magnification gestures, and switch to on. Now you can triple tap to magnify use two-finger drag to pan and two-finger pinch to adjust zoom level. Cool right?

No.4 - Pushbullet 

Yes you can also get your smartphone notification on your pc or tablet. You have to download Pushbullet which is available for free for pc and smartphone. This app allows allows you to see call and text notifications on your computer. It’s also a very easy way to send files and links

So these were the geek tips for this week. Hope you enjoyed them :)

Tell us how you feel by leaving a comment below! That will motivate us.

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