How to use your smartphone as a Wireless Microphone

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Technology is an ever-evolving asset, We all had become very dependent on it.
We got power in our pockets. Yes! The Smartphones.
They are everything to us.

From making phone calls to being a personal assistant, we rely on those for almost everything.
To be frank, We can't live without it.
Texting, internet communication, Navigation, Gaming, Entertainment and so on.
All had become our daily routine.

I've been in a search for a while. To find something unusual, which can be done using a smartphone. And lately, I found something quite interesting.

Turning any smartphone into a Microphone.

This thing is bliss. Works on both iPhone and Android. All you need is a Smartphone & Bluetooth enabled Speaker/Soundbar/Amplifier.

The app you need to install is

Live Microphone for Android
Microphone Live for iOS

This will help you in some scenarios like,
- Presentation
- Birthday Partys
- Music Performance
- Unexpected events
- Outdoor Activity

Watch the Video in action

Both apps amplify the sound. They have core features like mic turn on/off & volume adjustment.

In my opinion, the ios app outperforms the android app in every term. Let it be the quality, gain or even the latency. Android app is having a lot of ads which entirely affects the user experience.

On the other hand, Android App has an announcer feature which can be used to record voice and play them later instead of the announcing real-time.

Now get everyone's attention, make announcements using your gadgets!
Stay creative :)

Download Now:


**These are my recommendations. Feel free to check the app store for more same kind of apps. 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this content.
Feel free to share your thoughts.
Stay tuned for more updates.

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