Top 5 Apps - August Edition

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Hey guys, today we are sharing the top 5 android apps for this month!
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Now let's start :)


1. Steam

Stream gives you access to all of YouTube music videos and lets you play them in a handy floating popup for a multitasking music listening. You can watch your favourite videos while you are chatting or scrolling your news feed.

Download Link: Play Store


2. Inswall

Experience the world of customization with over 100 beautiful wallpapers. Make your creativity fly and enjoy the broad content of InsWall. It has many cool features such as apply with one touch, crop and apply, material design and much more! Start using now.

Download Link: Play Store


3. Audio pocket

this is another app which helps to play the audio of youtube videos the  background
just open your youtube app
search for the song you want to play
and click on share option
then select the audio pocket option in it
once done it will convert the video and will start playing it on the background

Download Link: Direct Download APK


4. Polycon

Give your device a fresh new look with this Unique, Creative & Material Icon Pack. Polycon is here to fill your needs for Material Design Iconography. Every icon in Polycon follows the Google Design Spec with minor changes to ensure Polycon stands out when compared to other Material Design icon packs.

Download Link: Play Store


5. Recurrence

Recurrence is a notification reminder app that will help you remember the important things in your day! You can easily customise the notification time, date, Repeat reminders in an adjustable period, add icons and colours to the notification and much more. And the snooze option for lazy people are also available.

Download Link: Play Store

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