Boot Logo Collection - Micromax Unite 2 (MT6582)

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Hello there, Here I am presenting some boot logos for our Micromax Unite2. This will work on other MT6582 clone devices too!

Simply flash it in Custom Recovery.


1. Download Zip
2. Place in SD Card
3. Enter Recovery (CTR, CWM Recommended)
5. Install Zip
6. Reboot


This collection will be updated as per your wish, or when i get some free time.

Added on [10-Feb-2016)
49. Dead Pool | Mobile link
50. Deadpool 2 | Mobile link
51. Intel inside | Mobile link

Added on [10-Feb-2016)
46. Cyanogen cool | Mobile link
47. Cyanogen Dark  | Mobile link
48. Ubuntu | Mobile link

Added on [10-Feb-2016)
43. Superman2 | Mobile link
44. Iron man2 | Mobile link
45. Batman Illustration | Mobile link

Added on [20-Jan-2016)
42. Transformers Logo | Mobile link
41. Transformers Single | Mobile link
40. Transformers Double | Mobile link

Added on [20-Jan-2016)
39. Iron Man | Mobile link
38. Captian America | Mobile link
37. Batman Vs. Superman | Mobile link


Added on [02-Jan-2016)
34. Cyanogen Blue | Mobile link
35. Skull | Mobile link
36. Avengers | Mobile link


Added on [02-Jan-2016)
31. Turbo | Mobile link
32. Losing Mind | Mobile link
33. Cyanogen Office | Mobile link


Added on [22-Oct-2015)
28. Windows 10 | Mobile link
29. Micromax Orange | Mobile link
30. Batman vs. Joker | Mobile link


**Added on (10-Aug-2015)
25. Batman 2 | Mobile link
26. Jarvis | Mobile link
**Added on (15-oct-2015)
27. Superman | Mobile link

22. Halo | Mobile link
**Added on (09-Aug-2015)
23. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | Mobile link
24. Joker - Life is beautiful | Mobile link

**Added on (07-May-2015)
19. Joker Cartoon | Mobile link
20. Pikachu | Mobile link
21. Watch Dogs | Mobile link

**Added on (12-Mar-2015)
16. Furious 7 | Mobile link
17. Spiderman | Mobile link
18. Hulk | Mobile link


13. Batman Logo | Mobile link
14. Android Joker Card | Mobile link
**Added on (30-Mar-2015)
15. TriologyMobile link


Brand Based Logos

10. Nokia [Nostalgic one] | Mobile link
11. Windows Vista | Mobile link
12. Alienware | Mobile link


7. Apple | Mobile link
**Added on (23-Feb-2015)
8. Samsung | Mobile link
9. Nokia Lumia | Mobile link


4. LG | Mobile link
5. HTC | Mobile link
6. Motorola | Mobile link


1. Micromax Unite 2 | Mobile link
2. Google | Mobile link
3. Sony | Mobile link


Other Boot Logos

Latest Micromax Logo by Pinaki Gosh

Collection by Binson Jose

Collection by Vivek Chib

Collection by DS Chauhan

Collection by Shivasai


Adobe Photoshop
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  1. can i use manual method....i mean can i replace the animation by renaming it and place it intead of orignal file

  2. That's what ctr does for you.
    You can't manually replace the files. Grab ctr from here:
    Ctr installing guide is also added there.

  3. Link shrink per add to hadd sai jyda atai hai jiski waja sai download krna bhout muskil huraha hai

  4. Can be used on another phone`s a HTC one X ?

  5. Please add google white logo

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