Pokemon Go: Getting higher CP & finding pokemon Location

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Pokemon GO. Travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokemon with Pokemon GO for iPhone and Android devices.

If you are a Pokemon Trainer too, you may know the struggle of getting a low CP Pokemon after evolution. That causes a lot of wastage of candy.

So Here is a method which can help you save your candy and low CP evolutions.

Watch this guide:

or simply follow this below guide:

Step 1:- Go to Pokefind.co

Step 2:- Click on Evolve calculator.

Step 3:- Choose your Pokemon.

For example let's say i have a bulbasaur.

Step 4:- Enter the Pokemon's CP you have with your Pokemon.

Let's say i have my bulbasaur's cp 550.

Step 5:- Click on Estimate.

So according to this estimate if you evolve your 550 CP bulbasaur it will turn into a 1221 CP Ivysaur

The advantage of this calculator is that you can choose whether to evolve your Pokemon or not.

For example if  my CP is 200 i will get a 444 Ivysaur that means i  will not be evolving my bulbasaur as its evolved stage will have low CP.

This is very helpful because it saves your candy and also helps you to save your Evolution so you don't have a poor or bad Pokemon with you.

To know the location of any Pokemon, follow this steps:

Step 1:- Go to Pokefind.co

Step 2:- Click on search menu and type in the Pokemon you want.

Lets say i need a psyduck.

after your search, it will say you when it was last spotted and the View Location option.

Step 3:- Click on View location.

And there you go you have all the places where the Pokemon was found.

Just go to the place and catch the Pokemon.

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