This is how much iPhone 7 actually costs apple to make!

The real cost of iphone 7, How much iPhone 7 actually costs apple to make!
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This Is How Much The iPhone 7 Actually Costs Apple To Make!

Following the launch of the much talked about iPhone 7 earlier this month, people are now wondering if it will live up to all that hype.
The 32GB model of iPhone 7 is priced at $649 (£500) while the 128GB version costs $749 (£577), reports Wonderful Engineering.
Given the price point, it only seems reasonable to wonder how much it actually costs Apple to manufacture their new flagship phones.
CNN Money have released a helpful price breakdown, revealing how much each major individual components cost the tech giant:
So, all in all, it costs Apple roughly $292 (£225) to manufacture each iPhone 7 – which is actually more than I was expecting.
However, Apple CEO Tim Cook maintains that all manufacturing cost estimates made for the iPhone are wrong, saying he has yet to see one that’s even close to accurate.

And to be fair, although the cost breakdown above specifically mentions the cost of hardware, it doesn’t include design, software, development or transport costs.
It’s pretty safe to assume that Apple are going to be far from out of pocket though…

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