Install Magic Lantern on Canon EOS 1200D (Full Guide & Quick Looks)

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Magic Lantern is very easy and struggle-free. But installing third party firmware will void your manufacturer warranty. So if you don't wanna lose your warranty, stay away from these modifications.

Watch and follow the below video to install Magic Lantern firmware on your Canon EOS 1200D.



Click below to download
Firmware + EOScard Application [Compressed]

Extract with winrar or any other applications and use.


  • Never delete the Magic Lantern files from the card! Format the card instead.
  • After opening the card door, always wait for LED confirmation (or for 5 seconds) before removing the card, even if your camera is turned off!!!
Right after opening the card door, Canon firmware accesses the card without turning on the LED (yes, with the main switch turned off). If you remove the card too early, the camera will freeze and will drain the battery, or even cause permanent damage! You will be running random code (remember you are loading executable code from the card), and we can't do anything about it without reflashing Canon firmware with our own code.
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  1. i was sendt here for an canon 1200d magic lantern download, but i cant find it! why dont u make it clear?

  2. thanks for your help installing this!!

  3. Can I change the card after updating

  4. is there any hope for 1200d 1.0.2

  5. Its a authorised magic lantern firmware?
    Will it work on canon 1200d?
    And plz explain how to uninstall ml from camera?

    1. authorized is here
      BTW thanks for post! It helped me to understood that ML now on 1200D. Thanks!

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