Ultimate Navigation Bar for all Android (4.0+)

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Hello there, today I'm sharing an app named Ultimate Dynamic NavBar.
An awesome app that alows you to get rid of that horrible space-eating black navbar and replace it with fancy showing on swipe navigation panel.


  • Everything is themable: buttons, panel, glow-effects and more
  • Long click and short click actions for all buttons
  • Can add 20 different actions for buttons (kill app, add custom app, etc.)
  • Low ram consumption (~< 8 MB of RAM)
  • Customisable activation mode (Swipe/Touch)
  • Swipe mode to navigate the panel like paranoid's pie.
  • XPOSED(safe) or build.prop mod(dangerous) to hide softkeys on your device. All devices with android 4.0+ are supported!
  • Lots of other customizations and modes.

Found any bugs? Have any requests? Report over here >> UDN's Issue tracker




Click here to download this APK | Mobile Link


Q: Only button that works is "Recents" Why?
A: Looks that you don't have Root permissions on your device. Google for more info...

Q: UDN overlaps information on the screen!!!1 How Do I fix it?
A: That's correct behavior! It is impossible to act another way! And No, I cant overlay nothing in the zone of real navbar Don't ask!!

Activated "hide real navbar" option, but nothing happened! What I did wrong?
A: That means that app can't obtain root permissions, or your device don't have busybox installed.

App can't restore original navbar.
A: Rare bug You can manually restore navbar by removing all "qemu.hw.mainkeys=1" lines from /system/build.prop . Mail me if you need help.

Q: Android 4.3, can't hide notification. Is it possible to fix?
A: No, since google fixed bug I used to hide notification. There's no way to hide notification anymore
Q: OK, I found bug! What should I do???
A: post it to issues list I'll be happy to fix it!


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