Top 5 Apps: September 2016

Top 5 apps of september 2016
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Hey guys, today we are sharing The Top 5 Android Apps for this month(September 2016)!

Don't forget to watch the video we made :)
Added down below:

1. Circle Sidebar

This application makes your android device experience better.
So what is it?
It is a simple multitasking app which helps you reach every app on your device quicker and easier.
It provides a circular side bar which is highly customisable as users can choose the way it works and the content it holds.
After testing a no of times, i say that it works perfectly every time you try to use it.


2. Chrooma Keyboard

This is a material keyboard that changes color according to the app you are using 
it also enables you to choose a diff color keyboard for each of your apps 
you can choose styles and fonts and experience a ton of emojis available fresh in the market
You also get features like swipe texting, keyboard gestures, cursor control via space bar, keyboard divider to enable you faster typing and much more 
I recommend you to download the app and try it yourself


3. Dango

The third app will perfectly suit with the chrooma keyboard app
the app's name is DANGO
this app actually suggests you the perfect emoji for the moment
for example, if you type in "Hi" , it will suggest me all emojis related to it.



Walli is a wallpaper app which has the coolest and creative wallpapers till date
They keep on updating the app with special wallpaper art fresh from its community of artists.


5. Shuffly

The last App is SHUFFLY.
This app is for youtube lovers
Now what this app is, it keeps on shuffling YouTube videos either from your subscriber's list or by playing completely random videos.
Just click the shuffle play key and it will surprise you with a new video for sure
You can also shuffle by keywords, category or by a particular channel on YouTube.


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